Welcome to the Rental Forum! A free, online forum for tenants and landlords, designed to help answer those tricky questions!

About Me


Welcome to the Rental Forum!


First, let me introduce myself – my name is Erik Tyler, and I am Managing Director of LIVEin Property Management – Canberra’s leading boutique property management agency.

Over the past few years, myself and my team have created a new standard in property management in Canberra – however, there are still “old school” property management agencies that make life painful for both landlords and tenants.

And this is where the Rental Forum comes into the picture! This is a completely free open forum, with the sole intent of providing an avenue for both tenants and landlords to ask questions their PM (Property Manager) can’t or won’t answer.

As a landlord myself (I own 7 properties, with a combined value of over $3.2 million), and owner of a real estate agency which manages over 600 investment properties, I am in a position to be able to answer almost any property management or investment question – and I’ll do it for free!


Why are you doing this?

Good question – and there are 2 simple answers. Firstly, I want to bring property management into the current day – I believe that knowledge is power. The more knowledge landlords and tenants have, the better the industry will become, and the more opportunity to create wealth through property investment.

Second reason – it’s good business! I see and hear of terrible agency practice on a daily basis. Through this site, I hope to bring a level of transparecy and accountability to the real estate industry in Canberra (and maybe Australia!) – so feel free to share your stories, ask your questions, and help change the industry one step at a time.

Thanks for being here, and I hope that you enjoy the site.


Erik Tyler – Managing Director, LIVEin Real Estate and Rental Forum